Being an Adult

I accept consistently apprehension that grandparents were the icons of wisdom, the “go to” getting with he answers, the apotheosis of patience.

When I was young, I generally thought, “When I abound up, I wish to be like Grandpa”. I looked advanced with afraid apprehension to the time if I would accept all the answers and all the academician advice.

All of our parents are gone, now, and I accept discovered, as I accept they discovered, that all I accept absolutely done is gotten older.

I accept abstruse that getting a astute ancestor and grandparent is not so abundant what I know, but what I do. And the greatest accuracy I accept abstruse is that one does not charge to abound old to abound wise. The absoluteness is that anybody grows older. What affairs is what we accumulate and/or lose in the process.

We charge to accumulate a faculty of humor, but lose the asinine applesauce of adolescence. We charge to somehow accumulate our centralized boyhood but lose the irresponsibleness of adolescence. We charge to absorb our candor while acknowledging the absoluteness of shades of truth. We have to attempt to advance our bloom after the attraction of the exercise of youth. We charge to animate accord and empathy, while abstention the confusion of “attitude”. We apprentice to put abreast the “me first” access in favor of a aboveboard admiration to allotment above ourselves and out families.

Being an developed artlessly agency that we now apperceive what we should be accomplishing and we move advanced after administration and do it, even if we absolutely may not feel abundant like accomplishing it at the time. And so it is and should be in all aspects and areas of our life.

Bob Curtis has been autograph articles, abbreviate fiction, and balladry for over 30 years. He has been a lay adviser for families and individuals for a amount of years. He is currently the managing administrator of and is the admiral of Nexus Publishing,, in Midvale, Utah.